Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back and moved in!

I know, I know! It's been...forever!

Here I am back and all moved in to our new home in Summerville! It's been wonderful. David and I were married on Sept. 2 and the new home is starting to actually look like a home!

Here are some projects I have done since I went MIA:

Chair redo:
ugly plastic orange chair from school dumpster transformed to:

cute pink chair for Kimmi's desk

another chair from dumpster

painted to match our enamel top table

I did some cute decorations for the porch and house for Halloween:

made from paper by 'lil ole me :)

another paper craft by me

front porch-notice the cute "boo" signs on window? Made those as well. Paper is cheap!

the front doorway all dolled up
a view of the front of our house

Fall came quick and I spread what I could find of the decorations around and made this cute bird on a branch project. It turned out so cute:
made with branches, old book pages and printouts of birds
Before we knew it, it was cookie day. Held the first Sat. in Dec. every year in our family:
a small sample of the kids cookies

Katherine made a grinch

another grinch...Hmmm
I made a mess while making my own Christmas tree ornaments. Despite the mess they turned out really nice:
I did the tree in pearl, white, aqua and pink this year
I put out the German angels my mom handed down to me last year. I had brought many of these back to her when I was a German exchange student. They are sitting next to my German smokers that David and the girls bought me for Christmas last year:

Of course I made yet another paper craft. I had this pre-printed village from some years ago and assembled it this year to display on the mantel...picture isn't too good:

I even made my own Christmas cards!

David and I built our first piece of furniture ever! A 9' x 9' shelf for our living room!

it's huge!

Before you know we are to the new year. My Chatty Cathy blog is going strong and I've already made some great projects for February!

quilled heart

quilled monogram
cute fringed flowers for a wreath

a darling scherensnitte silhouette

a little quilled heart for my flocked bird

and a heart garland for the fireplace.

I will be very good from now on about posting on here. I will keep everyone updated on how we are doing and what changes we are making to the home and family....

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