Monday, May 23, 2011

Positive Things Happen to Positive People!

So, today I woke and thought....why does everyone...even my mother -who is being dragged kicking and screaming into the world of Facebook- have a blog except me? Now mind you, I'm prone to using broad terms like always and never and try very hard to stop myself. So, a better statement may be why do so many people have blogs and yet I don't? I mean how hard could it be really? My mom did it, my grandmother now uses a cell, my grandfather actually went on Ebay! I can surely figure it out right? Well proof is that you are actually reading a blog- MY BLOG! So what do I have that's interesting to say? Nothing, but I am about to leave the world of accounting for a Vacation Resorts company and become a stay at home mom again and it's thrilling and terrifying at the same time! This blog is my effort to make sure I do not dissapear into nothingness and wear sweats and ponytails around like I fear! This blog will be my accountability to remain fluent in the English language and keep my brain sharp! To converse, even if only through the computer, with interesting, creative souls like myself!

By the way Kind Reader,

I am about to be married and move to Summerville South Carolina with the new last name Knight! Hence the Blog name. I hope you'll join me for this journey and watch me grow and create and share in my life :)


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